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20 minute homeschool – reading

20 minute homeschool – reading


If your child is already reading like a champ, well done. If they are just starting or still learning to read, let me give you some tips.

First and always, read to them.

Even if they already read well. Most of us enjoy being read to. Or Audible would be out of business. And speaking of audible, you can let it help out, too. There are many children’s audio books available. 

First you will read to your child. Then you will help your child read. Then try taking turns reading. The choice of material will have to be very basic and there are many good methods and books available.

Next, phonics.

There are plenty of phonics workbooks available or you can also just work with books that you have. Many good early readers will focus on one sound and that will help the children to recognize and read it. If your child is not yet writing phonics flashcards are a big help. They often include pictures to go with the words and sounds that the children are practicing. It is also something that your child can use without your constant help.

Once your child can read a little bit encourage them to read to you. This can be cuddle time or time when you are cooking or doing something else where you can pay attention to their reading but don’t have to be actually sitting down with them formally. Most likely in this situation you are familiar with the book they are reading anyway and will be able to help them in the tough spots.

Finally comes independent reading.

Family reading time can still be a thing and it would be a very nice thing too. But independent reading will be key to your child’s self-directed learning. Let them choose the books they read for pleasure but you will most likely need to direct which books you want them to read for school work.

Independent reading is also the key to self-directed and lifelong learning as your child can research anything they want to learn if they can read.

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