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Rebel Weeds

The garden is full of rebel weeds.

I love them. Dad hates them. One of our biggest disagreements is what does or does not belong in the garden.

Anything green and growing is subject to my dad pulling it out. As he declines he is not as much of a threat to my little rebel weeds as before. That brings with it both relief and sadness.

The rain has been wonderful for all things growing.

I have had to learn new ways of caring for my little plants. But I digress. Although my arugula has not yet taken off this year, the garden is full of wonderful weeds that make delicious salad. And I still have not had to buy any lettuce from the store because of that. The kale and mustard greens in the front garden and the various dandelion, thistle, and occasional arugula weeds have been supplying our dinner salads for years now, with occasional breaks of a few weeks when nothing seems to be coming up. However, right now the greens are beautiful.

The grass is long and unruly.

Rebel weeds abound. Dad complains about it incessantly but soon enough the grass will be mowed. I will take Dad out in the garden with me and I will pull up the salad greens and let him pull up the grass. All will be well. Rainbows and unicorns will appear.

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