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Arroyo Seco, New Mexico Adventure

Before moving in to care for my Dad, we RV’d full-time for 3 years. First posted on my former channel, Catholic Traveller, here is a short video from our Arroyo Seco New Mexico Adventure, featuring the town, La Santissima Trinidad Historic Church, and Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

New Mexico is full of quirky little towns and Arroyo Seco is no exception.

La Santissima Trinidad Historic Church was built in the 1830’s on the spot where several villagers had a vision of the Holy Trinity.

Local legend tells that one day, when the families went to work in the fields, they
told their children not to leave the area in case of an indian raid. The children of
course, wandered and came upon two men, one older, one younger. They told
them they lived further down the valley. The children asked the men why they
were not afraid of the Indians, and the men told them that a white dove that was
perched up in the tree above them warned them when people were nearby…

That night, the children told their parents of the incident. This concerned their
parents, and the next day the whole village began following the stream that led
down the valley to make sure the men were safe. One of the children saw the
white dove in the trees. The bird flew out of the tree and lit on a sharp stone. The
stone was glowing. When the villagers turned it over, they found a statue of… an
old man and a young man with a white dove above them. They decided that this
was where they would build their church, and they dedicated it to the Holy
Trinity… the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

We couldn’t see inside while we were there, but it was interesting to inspect the
gravestones scattered around the churchyard, and the renovated adobe

The town of Arroyo Seco

is full of little eateries and boutiques. The Homestead
Garden features an 1860’s cabin and waterfalls. Christmas decorations were still
up when we visited. Arroyo Seco Mercantile offers a selection of vintage articles,
toys, local artisan handcrafts, souvenirs, and religious items. Francesca’s
boutique offers lovely southwestern couture.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

was awarded “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in
1966. It was dubbed the “bridge to nowhere” during construction because there
were no funds to finish the road on the other side.

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