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I, Eliza Hamilton – Review

i eliza hamilton, book cover

I, Eliza Hamilton, by Susan Holloway Scott

Much like Hamilton and Peggy, there is a lot of historical imagery here with beautiful descriptions of costumes and daily life. However, it is heavily slanted towards historical romance and that is just not my jam. After her initial dislike of him, Eliza comes across as very dependent upon Alexander Hamilton’s approval and attentions.

Martha Washington and Katherine Schuyler (Eliza’s mother)

are portrayed as strong, independent women. Why not Eliza? Eventually, through hardship, betrayal, heartbreak, and forgiveness, Eliza does transform into that kind of strong, independent woman I can respect.

As the title suggests, the story is told through Eliza’s eyes.

Author Susan Holloway Scott does a fantastic job imagining Eliza’s possible thoughts and feelings as she relates what her husband experiences and the events around her. Ms. Scott offers insight into Hamilton’s political career and Eliza’s support for him behind the scenes. Especially her efforts to uphold her husband’s reputation after his untimely death in the infamous duel with Aaron Burr.

Although I preferred Hamilton and Peggy, I Eliza Hamilton is also well researched and not without its merits. And for the more romantic tragedy-inclined reader it is well written and certainly deserving of a place in the homeschool library. I recommend this book of historical fiction for ages 15 and up due to more mature content.

I listened to I Eliza on Audible and enjoyed Saskia Maarleveld’s narration.

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