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How do you Eat an Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant?

Everybody knows the answer to this right? Bonus points if you do. Just in case you don’t: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I’ve been having a bit of caregiver burnout lately.

And my overwhelming to-do list has subsequently gotten even longer. But this week I have been buoyed up by the success of sewing the beaded trim onto my 1920s/30s dress and decided that if I could succeed in finishing that project I should try to finish another one.

The biggest elephant in the room right now is in my bedroom.

I sold off my livestock and left my Arizona ranch nearly nine years ago to RV full-time. Six years ago I moved in with my dad as his full-time caregiver. As a result, I have a bunch of stuff in bags, boxes, and bins, stacked in my bedroom that needs to be organized or gotten rid of. I really had good intentions of doing it right away but there it still sits. And it certainly must be bugging me even though I think I’m ignoring it.

This past weekend I started with magazines. The ones I am keeping I have put in binders and relocated them under the bed until such time as I can declutter the area in front of the bookshelves where they are going to belong. So now I have an elephant under the bed as well…

Next is to find a place for my sewing stash which is what is blocking off the lower bookshelves where I want to put the magazines. I think that will be in my closet but my closet is full of other junk. So I need to take this one bite at a time. I think this week I will decide on a location for my sewing stash and put it there. If I can accomplish that I will have another success under my belt.

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