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Rest in Peace, Mrs. Susie

Time flies over the holidays. Still, some significant things have happened in the last couple of months, so I will go ahead and post a few journal entries, even though they’re a few weeks old.

and along comes summer

11/18/2021 Thursday

Susie died

on Tuesday (11/16/21). She was a good 14 years old, so it was going to happen sometime in the next couple of years. Just when I’m starting to feel productive, another heartbreak. But that is life. I pray that this will be it for a while. As a person can only take so much. And I have plenty of other stressors, thank you.

Grieving is in full swing. But I know in a couple of weeks I will seek out a new pup to rescue me. To rescue us because we all loved her. Especially the cat. He went off his feed when she did while she was sick. And he’s still not quite back up to the pig-cat that he is. Although he’s not exactly moping around either. I explain to him what happened as though he can understand. I’m not sure he fully does but I guess he will eventually. No telling what he’s going to do when the newcomer shows up.

 I miss my dog’s soft snoring at night. And having to watch out for her when I walk down the hall or through my room. I miss her following me outside to work in the garden or hang clothes. I miss her joining forces with Mr. Cuddles at feeding time to urge me into action so that they don’t starve to death. I miss using her as an excuse to get my dad out walking around the block, the park, or even just to accompany us on a day trip

I also pray for the new pup.

That I will find the right one. Susie was amazing. After a while, she stopped running off. Even though she didn’t like traveling she would tolerate going in the RV just so she could be with us. After eight years as a Ranch Dog, she took to the city quite nicely. She learned to use the doggie door quickly, and she loved her life of luxury. A new dog will have to learn all the things. Hopefully, it will be housebroken. But there is the doggie door, and the neighbors’ dogs, and not running off. On a ranch, it’s not so bad but here in the city, right next to the highway, not so good. As long as he or she realizes that the cat is in charge, they will do fine. So I need to get to that spot where I am ready to deal with training in the new guy. We will see what God has in store for me there.

In the meantime, I hope my many pups of the past are making Mrs. Susie very welcome across that Rainbow Bridge. I miss them all. and I look forward to the next one. Rest in peace, Mrs. Susie, my friend.

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