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Horse is Happy, Dog can Walk

and along comes summer

11 4 2021 Thursday

Horse is happy, dog can walk.

Received an update on my horse. He is fat and happy on his sweet feed and soaked hay pellets. He’s getting back out – with the herd and without them. He likes feeling like he’s king-of-the-mountain apparently. I am happy for him. Also, the dog is doing much better. I have to say that this vet is not my regular vet but the only one who could see her on a Sunday. He has done a phenomenal job with her ear infection. She has gone from staggering, to getting in and out of the doggie door on her own and eating and drinking on her own. She is on several medications and it still will be a few weeks with her infection clearing up. But I am very pleased with this vet.

I also can’t stress enough how important it is and what a difference it makes to get enough sleep. Getting 7 hours straight is all the difference between midday and after-dinner narcolepsy and productivity. It also helps with the inevitable annoyances of dealing with Dad’s dementia.

Speaking of which, had a nice afternoon with Dad. Had to put the sides down on the sunshade. I harvested some arugula and picked the leaves off the stems for our daily salad. Dad read. It was so relaxing sitting in the back garden. In spite of the mess of pulled weeds and trimmings from the grapevines and citrus trees lying about. Harvested more lemons and grapefruit and still tons on the trees. Just a little bit of sun is enough for us and we soon went back inside the cooler house.

Horse is happy, dog can walk.

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