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gray cat hiding behind paws nesting

10/27/21 Wednesday


I don’t want to call it burnout because I don’t really feel burned out but I do feel like I need to do some nesting. Just shelter in place at home.

Last week was very eventful. The horse and dog bookended it with their medical issues. It was also lots of fun. I went to a couple of English Country dances and a dance class. Took Dad and the dog to the park. Took Dad to the Huntington Library. 

So I think between the good stress and the not-so-good stress I just need some quiet time. I watched a fantastic video on this by one of my favorite YouTubers Carolyn’s RV life where she talks about RV burnout. And as a former full-time rver before I came here to care for Dad, I can confirm that either way we take our life with us. I am using many of my RV and homesteading skills here in the city and I took many of the city stresses with me on the road and to the homestead. But the point is that many of Carolyn’s tips are good for whatever point in life you are and the point is to take care of yourself. Or else you’re no good to others. And so this week I am nesting.

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