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The Medical Merry Go Round

10/25/21 Monday

Caregivers by nature have to deal with lots of doctors appointments. But what they don’t tell you is that’s not just for your loved one. I call it The Medical Merry Go Round.

I’m trying to get my youngest son and me caught up on our health care issues. Eyes, teeth, baseline health stats, etcetera.

And now my horse who is in my daughter’s care has decided that he wants to be on oatmeal and mashed potatoes for the rest of his life. Actually, he’s losing teeth, and the ones he has do not sufficiently help him to chew his forage. So he needs to be on a senior feed and on hay pellets that can be soaked so that he can chew them. 

Nextly my dog decided to grow another massive ear infection. How could I miss this? This is her third serious ear infection in10 years. I guess they space themselves far enough apart that I don’t recognize symptoms soon enough. Anyway, so I spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the vet. And most of the night helping her through withdrawals from anesthesia and her frustration that her back legs would not do what she wanted them to do. 

But now we have feed options sorted out with the horse. And Mrs.Susie is once again ambulatory. So I am dispensing medications to an elder, a dog, and today I get to go to the dentist and have the left side of my mouth made new again. I will try and make sense of all this as my anesthesia is wearing off. In between naps.

And hopefully, figure out how to pay for The Medical Merry Go Round.

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