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A New Writing Challenge

10/17/2021 Sunday

Today I give myself a new writing challenge.

Working at home is hard enough without other distractions. It is no easier when caregiving an elder than it was when raising a toddler or homeschooling my youngest child. I suppose that my priority is always the family and secondarily the job but either way it’s not easy.

So my challenge to myself now is to write a few sentences a day (or maybe every couple days) for my blog. Not on any particular topic and not particularly polished but at least to get something out here. I will emphasize my lifestyle of caregiving, homesteading, homeschooling, and sustainability. And I might give a peek into my works in progress. Which aren’t progressing much at the moment for the above reasons.

My hope is that you’ll find encouragement, inspiration, and maybe a little entertainment, while I share a little insight into my daily life and thoughts. And maybe once in awhile I’ll even get a useful article finished.

Just a footnote, I do have comments turned off. Because the only ones I seem to get are hundreds of links to unsavory sites and Russian spam. So if you would like to respond to this article feel free to email me by clicking the envelope or email link in the sidebar. Thanks.

close up painting of travel trailer parked under tree for the love of art
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