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And Along Comes Summer

And along comes summer. Well, it’s not officially summer yet but Southern California is heading into its first heat wave. Spring did, indeed, bring hope. And along comes summer to prove it. Dodger Stadium is gearing up for 40,000 fans. Little League is more than half way through. Our church has opened daily Mass to the public and is getting ready to move Sunday Masses from the parking lot to inside the church next month. The Historical Tea and Dance Society and the Valley Area English Regency Society are getting ready to start up in person dancing in a few weeks. The Long Beach Community Band is starting outdoor rehearsals this week. You could say we’re all pretty anxious to get back to living life.

On the other hand, freeways are crowding up – didn’t any of these people learn to work from home? Cinemas and restaurants are open. I’m still saying “no thanks” to indoor dining for now. And as much as I enjoy the movie house experience, I’ll wait on that, too. School’s out – yay! I love my grands but I do not appreciate the school system in my living room. Hey, I started homeschooling to get away from that!

I have learned some valuable lessons through all this social distancing.

1 – social distancing is okay.

I am not a freak because I prefer to avoid crowds.

2 – the slow life is good.

I am so tired of being overscheduled that I refuse to allow myself to go back to that. Believe it or not, even if you work at home, homeschool, and homestead, you can still overschedule yourself.

3 – old-timey skills are relaxing and empowering.

Gardening, sewing, journaling, playing music, crocheting (in case you don’t realize that’s encompassed by sewing), cooking from scratch, all help me provide for my needs and my family, without spending a lot of money.

4 – using what I have will save the planet.

Instead of filling up my garbage cans and then buying cheap made-in-China plastics, I am making myself repurpose everything I possibly can. Mending clothes, reusing plastic packaging, bottles, tin cans – a little paint and imagination can go a long way. Hmm, I think I see another book on the horizon. Junk mail and paper and cardboard packaging make great paper logs and firestarters for the fireplace.

5 – basic repairs are doable.

Sometimes it is indeed best to call the pros. But for stuff like unclogging drains and toilets, replacing washers, belts, and water pumps, and cleaning the lint out of dryer vents and vacuum hoses, well, once again, empowering and money-saving.

So many of my homesteading skills have brought me through this period and helped my family to thrive. My goal is to keep on keeping it simple going forward. To stay out of the rat race and hopefully to help others to do so, too.

And along comes summer.

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