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Spring brings new hope

spring brings new hope, basket of rustic bunnies, carrots, eggs, palm crosses, candle, flute

This year, truly, spring brings new hope. I made these little cuties over the weekend Palm Sunday and even though we’re all grown up here in this house we will be coloring eggs on Saturday and hunting for them on Easter Sunday.

rustic fabric bunnies

Dad is fully vaccinated and I have an appointment for my first shot. Soon I will make an appointment for the boy’s first shot. I’m not sure I can call him the boy anymore because he is now a young man. The grands are going back to school gradually, and I expect they will be back to school full time in the fall.

rustic fabric carrots

Even though I fully plan on continuing to wear my mask, keep distance, and stay away from crowds for the foreseeable future, I look forward to getting together with my dancing friends again maybe next year, and playing in person with my music friends sometime later. Sadly, singers and wind instrument players are spewing all those droplets without their masks so I imagine it will be a while before we’re all comfortable playing together in person again. Somehow strings and percussion don’t have that particular problem. And a solo singer or wind instrument can get away with being the only one unmasked.

rustic fabric eggs

In the meantime, the RV beckons, and a few short trips are planned for the next few months. That is if we can find anywhere to camp overnight with all the campgrounds booked like crazy.

Maybe I can even get back to writing again. Spring brings new hope.

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