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Venturing Further Afield and Update on Jane

Smoky wildfire sunset in Southern California

Venturing Further Afield and Update on Jane

It has been a while since I posted an update on my current work-in-progress – The Not Jane Austen Dance Society. That’s because there is not much going on – on paper. I have been wrestling with some plotlines in my head and I think they are coming together now. We will see what happens this week. 

I have shut down my Patreon page for now because, well, no patrons. 

The usual difficulties with consistency, distractions, and isolation

that come along with being a work-at-home writer/musician are magnified with so many other people isolating. As much as I dislike crowds and traffic, it kind of goes along with Southern California. So at the same time that I am enjoying venturing further afield, moving right along the highway and getting in and out of places (except the grocery store and the post office, somehow), it feels kind of sad. It’s a vibe that does not belong here. It belongs in my cherished wilderness. 

On the plus side, non-covid related doctor appointments have been easy to come by lately – quite a treat, since usually I can’t even get a doctor’s office to answer their phone. And I have been able to attend to some much needed, but not emergency, dental work. 

As disappointing as it is to forego the occasional evening out,

as much as I miss dancing and playing music live with other musicians, it is much more important to be alive and healthy to enjoy those activities, once this virus is under control.

And speaking of dancing, I have some new videos coming up on YouTube, about upcycling my Jane Austen dress for the St. Nicolas Holiday Ball and the Jane Austen Evening. 

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