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Get Out of the City

get out of the city and thrive book covers

COVID 19 got you feeling like you wanna get out of the city? That’s exactly what I did over 20 years ago and the same basics apply. 

From the time I was eight years old I can remember my dad telling me and mom and grandma stories around the dinner table about growing up on the farm.  Getting up early to milk the cows and plow fields may not seem exciting to most kids and certainly dad was glad he didn’t have to do that anymore, but to me there was a certain allure. 

I always dreamed about having a big, self-sustaining farm. Then I grew up. I got a job, got married, and had kids. I got divorced and got 3 jobs to keep raising the kids. Finally I burned out. I figured there was no time like the present. I wanna get out of the city. So I packed up the kids and moved out to the country. 

I have tended to make major life changes without a lot of forethought or planning. This has its drawbacks, to be sure, but jumping in with both feet also has its advantages. One is that you don’t wait a lifetime to do what you want to do, stuck in a job, and a place that is terribly unsatisfying but for the paycheck. I’m not going to encourage anyone to impulsively quit their job, pack up the car and pitch a tent in the desert, but I will share my story, along with hindsight suggestions for improvement. 

Get Out of the City and Thrive

was written as a guide to making the decision, finding land and setting up your homestead, and paying for it all. In short, concise chapters I show you how I did it and how you can too. This three-book series is available in ebook or paperback from Amazon. Get your copy and start on your new life today!

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