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The Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling, 2nd Edition

working parent's guide to homeschooling, 2nd edition

Woohoo! The launch of The Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling, 2nd Edition is finally complete. Both ebook and paperback now available at your favorite retailer.

Yes you CAN homeschool your children while working! The Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling, 2nd edition will inform and empower working parents with tools and resources to homeschool.

How can a parent who never even completed college homeschool a child who ends up getting her Master’s Degree?  Why would a single, working parent even consider taking on the extra load of educating their child? Why would two working parents, who could easily afford private schools for their children, decide instead to homeschool?

Homeschooling is the sustainable living of the educational system.  Its focus on small class size and the needs of the individual ensures that, truly, no child is left behind.

Explore time management, childcare arrangements while working, how to teach and more, with real-life working parents’ solutions to each of these issues. Written specifically for working parents, the author’s own experience peppers every chapter and she also draws upon several other families’ experiences to illustrate solutions to succeed when combining working and homeschooling.

No other book specifically addresses working parents who want to homeschool in such detail.

  • Scheduling
  • Child Care
  • Single Working Parents
  • Working at Home
  • Working and Schooling on the Road
  • How to Afford Homeschooling
  • Free resources
  • Creating curriculum
  • Styles of Homeschooling

Updated 2nd Edition includes new chapters on How to Begin, and High School to College, more links, and new resources. 

Here’s what people are saying:

This well written, clear, practical guide to homeschooling is also valuable for anyone who works at home or is raising children or grandchildren. It is full of practical advice in an easy to read format. – Maryruth M.

Editorial Reviews

Robyn Dolan’s neat, smart, direct book, The Working Parent’sGuide To Homeschooling, is precisely what it claims.  A fine resource for a family that suddenly finds itself homeschooling, for any one of a number of reasons (that she discusses in her book). 

Ms. Dolan has taken a two-pronged approach to helping the novice homeschooler get successfully started.

1– She has used her own experiences, as well as other homeschool families that she’s familiar with, to paint a compelling picture of the joys and the difficulties of homeschooling. This is a rather up-close, intimate look at the trials and mechanics of an activity that millions of families in the U.S.alone are moving rapidly toward, or already engaged in.  The up-close-and-personal touch makes the information more real, and more approachable than other such books have done.

2 – An information and resource approach. She provides a fair amount of listed resources for curriculum, homeschooling information (different from state to state), as well as ideas the newer homeschooling family can use to get going. 

The Working Parent’s Guide To Homeschooling provides enough ideas and information, and emotional support (don’t underestimate the need for a new homeschooling family taking a great, big gulp at the daunting task before them) to set a “newbie” family on the road to homeschool success.  It’s a valuable addition to the growing library of information and resources supporting a burgeoning homeschool movement.

Steven Horwich

Author, educator

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