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Hit and Run Hero

los angeles times hit and run hero

If nothing else the LA Times always provides me with food for thought. Today’s story about a hit and run hero touched my heart.

Ordinarily, I  rant privately about the bad writing in the Los Angeles Times and the fact that someone is getting paid for it. When I do find the occasional article that I enjoy or can praise it is usually by Steve Lopez or Mark Erskine. However, today’s article by Nita Lelyveld really impressed me.  You can read it here

Perhaps it is because I experienced something similar recently. Early one morning last week I was taking my dad to church and we arrived just after an accident occurred at our usual turn.

I posted:

“I am asking prayers for one of my local characters. There is an old man who follows his wife on a trike in the early mornings. They collect cans. I don’t really know them, I just see them all the time.

This morning, on the way to church, Dad and I saw him lying in the middle of the street. His trike was overturned and all their bags strewn over the road. A number of drivers stopped to assist, including the one who apparently hit him (as far as I can tell).

All I could do was call 911 and report it and get Dad to church. I think the man is dead. Please pray for him, his wife, the driver, and their families.”

An SUV whizzed by and smashed the man’s trike. I wanted to get out and help but Dad was getting ready to jump out, too, so I had to take his safety into consideration. I felt helpless. And it still bothers me when I approach that intersection. 

Please, please, let’s all slow down and pay attention. Every person is someone’s loved one. It only takes an instant to change everything.

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