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I’m Robyn Dolan. I write. In first grade, I wrote goofy plays and made my friends act in them. One day they went on strike and in true Hollywood fashion, I quit. After years as a Real Estate agent and broker, I decided I wanted to write again. I spent years looking at blank word processing screens and continued working odd jobs. 

Finally, I had my fourth child. I set up Mrs. D’s Homestead.com and Catholic Traveller.com where I wrote about homesteading and traveling, respectively. Now, having written four non-fiction books and moving on from the homesteading life, I am delving into fiction writing. Join me here, as I continue to share about simplifying my life, elder care, travel, playing chamber music and bluegrass, historical dancing, and, oh yeah, my current works in progress.

Can’t get enough from behind the scenes? Want to be on the team for my latest book? Stay tuned as I set up my Patreon page.

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